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  • ""Peggy doesn't only work on the food aspect but also your skin, hair, your workouts which will eventually help your stamina. She makes it simple yet interesting. So if you are looking for a Nutritionist, you know where to go! ❤""

    Dan Moor
  • ""After years of feeling constantly fatigued, struggling to lose weight (hypothyroidism), and stressed, I decided to take action. I happened upon one of Peggy's website and decided to give her a call. She made a diet plan according to my lifestyle and health condition.""

    Andrea Rios
  • ""I have found Peggy to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. I consult Peggy on all aspects of nutrition whether it involves me or my kids. I trust her advice. Thanks to Peggy, I can only recommend Peggy! ❤ My first Nutritionist and forever""


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How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Children

Overweight and obesity are on the rise globally, and Ireland is not getting off lightly either. Research by the World Obesity Federation predicts that by 2025, 241,000 school children in Ireland will be overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity, developed during childhood, usually continues into adulthood. Although most people are

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Gout Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid

What Is Gout? For those who do not know what gout is, it is a type of arthritis caused by an excess production of  uric acid in the bloodstream. This can cause extreme pain and stress on the joints as the body responds to the crystal-like structures of uric acid

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